2019 announcement

19 Dec 2018

Morning Balstock Forum, guess what I got ….NEWZZZZZZ

YES there is going to be a Balstock 2019 and it’s gonna be Balstockier than ever! Scratch the 13th, 14th and 15th of September in your diaries and into your soft, supple foreheads and hold hostage any bands you want to see, so they don’t double book themselves for that weekend!

Bands / Acts / Singers / Trevor / DJs; we will open applications early 2019 so watch this space until your eyes bleed with joy.

The website is up and running again (thanks to Janchi Mugica of Brocker fame and Michael Rees of hooker fame) but this time round it’s here: https://balstock.co.uk/

ALL HAIL THE UBIQUITOUS SCOTCH EGG!!! (trying it out…might not catch on!)

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