Balstock 2017

19 Jul 2017

Hello Balstockers

Well Balstock 2017 is nearly here just a month or so to go. We are beavering away sorting out venues, lineups, merch, PA’s, lighting, Stage managers, Sound techs,Stage techs, Volunteers and Becky’s big buckey shakers.

Balstock 2017’s main charity will be Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal. They will receive 50% of money raised in shakers, raffles and any extras that local pubs, businesses and Balstock Music Festival itself can donate.

We also have 5 local causes who will share the other 50%, these are:
North Herts Sanctuary
North Herts Woman’s Centre
Magic Moments Pre-School
Baldock Girl Guides
Baldock Town Hall – Soundproofing

If you see any of us around you will see us looking like Swans so throw us some sandwiches but definetly no grain like substances.

Bands who have recieved confirmations of playing please get back to G ASAP that you can play. If not let us know so we can get a replacement act.


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Please do not post slot requests for your band in the comments. Use the Play section and fill in the form provided :)

3 Responses to “Balstock 2017”

  1. Lawrence Mahmood says:

    Gutted we couldn't play in the end. Unfortunately, confirmation of a slot came two months after we applied and we assumed we'd been rejected, so band members had made other plans.

    Maybe next year, as long as we know the score a bit quicker! 🙂


    • Mick Rees says:

      Sorry to hear this but it does take some time to sort out line up and get the balance right. With Balstock never assume you have been rejected we get there but due to the volunteer nature of the festival it does take some time.

  2. Gaz Davis says:

    Unfortunately the Red house Roosters will not be playing Balstock this year! So here's to all the artists and support staff , have a great time and knock em Bandy!!!