Balstock 2021 Highlights video

12 Mar 2022

Greetings Balstockers

Well here it is the highlights video from Balstock 2021.

Massive thanks to Nick Dean for lugging his massive camera around as many venues as he could over the weekend. Also for editing the video so well. Kudos also to Richard Emms for knocking up a ending logo so quickly for us.

Apologies if your band or act are not on there he is only one man with one camera.

The music track is from what I call the Radio Tree Baldock All-stars consisting of mainly Balstock favourite artists who came together at the end of lockdown to make this song. Special thanks to Owen Stephen for pulling it all together. He did it so well I had copyright issues when I uploaded the song……..
See if you can spot yourselves.

See you all at Balstock 2022



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