Band Announcement – JESUS HOOLIGAN !!!!!!

08 Sep 2015

Right then how can I explain Jesus Hooligan. Think barrels and then more barrels add a Didgeridoo yep a Didgeridoo ! Swirling guitars, thrashing chains, gas bottles, gas masks, tribal rhythmic drums, screaming animalistic chants oh and did I mention barrels there is lots of them for yourselves the audience to participate in banging and thrashing away to the simplistic beats of Jesus Hooligan.

Jesus Hooligan started out when Steve Brunton the singer out of the hardcore punk band Gout/Lager Louts became ill with throat problems and had to stop singing live.
During that time Steve started making his own music from sounds he liked, tractors, angle grinders, drills and anything you can hit like barrels, buckets, scaffold tubes and diesel tanks. He went under the name Jesus Hooligan, a play on words from two bands he’d been involved with, 1.Godshatter = Jesus, 2.The Lager Louts = Hooligan.
When Steve’s voice improved, he set about starting up a live band, turning his music, recordings and written material into songs that can be performed live. He was joined by Guitarist Jason Sanders from the punk band Drink Problem and then a short while later by Didgeridoo player Dave Croughan, which made the live line up a bunch of old boys hitting things and making a racket with barrels, guitars, didgeridoos, chains, gas canisters plus anything else they liked the sound of. The end result was a mix of hoe down punk crossed with industrial folk blues that shouldn’t work but somehow does.
Since then Jesus Hooligan have grown in number, with the addition Arup on Drums, and extra Barrel Bashers including but not a complete list, Adam Smith, Rick Pistol, David Himbrey, Ann Sanders, Debbie Thomas plus many many more. Jesus Hooligan also encourages the audience to get involved and hit barrels with them in their live sets, this quite often makes things very interesting. Their live sets are a lot of fun and very energetic, when on stage they’re less like a band and more like a full on army going to war!
For more info on Jesus Hooligan, this video gives fantastic insight into who they are and what they’re about.
This is them in the Town hall last year banging up a storm.
They will be playing

High Street Stage – London Road / After Dark Presents
Saturday 12th September, 5.45 – 6.20

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2 Responses to “Band Announcement – JESUS HOOLIGAN !!!!!!”

  1. I have had the privilege to play with them on a number of occasions and they even played in my kitchen. Great band like Punk Tribal. Excellent.